Full Belly, Happy Heart

Great food is the trigger that brings back the fondest memories of our childhood. Across cultures and races, people and places, food is the unifying factor that brings us a sense of joy and a connection that warms our hearts. Our mothers always say that a full belly leads to a happy heart, and we believe this is true. At Spanglish, we cook the food of our culture, diverse in background and smothered in flavor, and using it as the basis of our inspiration while throwing in a dash of Southern Charm and a pinch of creativity to elevate our flavors, and create new memories for your senses.

The Truck: Now Open!

Puerto Rican Food with Southern Charm


Bringing authentic recipes from their hometowns to yours

We’re a group of born-and-raised Puerto Ricans who met in North Carolina by pure chance and became close friends, sharing a great love for the comfort food that defines our culture. We began cooking for each other, recreating our grandmother’s recipes while trying to be each other’s slice of home in a land where the food is delicious, but not our own.

We work hard to obtain the flavors that trigger our emotions, reminding us of simpler times with great people and delicious feasts. In essence, we want to be that slice of home for many others with similar stories to ours… and become a slice of home for those who do not know what the true jewel of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, has to offer.

Antonio Rodriguez
Doel Gonzalez
Elizabeth Gutierrez
Gretchen Grajales